I received a missive from Peter Franklin-the Gabby Cabby this morning (Monday). He tells me that some 370,000 residents from coastal areas of the city have been ordered to leave their home. Tensions are running high as many of these people say that they will fight to stay in their homes. They fear burglaries more than Sandy! The NY Transit Authority has closed down all the subways & buses & the schools are all closed. Emergency centers are being set up all over the city. Tunnels & bridges & highways will be closed which will isolate the city from adjoining states. Pete says that even at his taxi garage, which is 2 blocks from the Hudson River, sand bags are being piled up. There are reports from taxi drivers that they are making numerous trips to supermarkets, as that is the #1 destination for passengers. There's even an unconfirmed report that incoming & outgoing phone calls to New York City are heading towards a new record. The state National Guard has now been activated. I'm going to try & get in touch with Pete this afternoon (Monday) on the Puffman Show (if I can get through) for a first hand report. See you later today.