How did an idealistic young woman become involved with the Symbionese Liberation Army, urban terrorists who murdered an Oakland school superintendent and kidnapped publishing heiress Patty Hearst? I'll tell you this much, it wasn't by listening to the Puffman Radio Show! I'm not taking the blame for this deal. The young idealistic woman I'm blogging about is Kathleen Soliah. Soliah's out of the slammer these days but for more than two decades, she had lived in St. Paul, Minnesota (home of Summit beer), as Sara Jane Olson, a doctor's wife, the mother of three, a local actress, and a community activist. I'm interviewing Sharon Darby Hendry, the author of "Soliah-The Sara Jane Olson Story" tomorrow (Tuesday) afternoon at 4:35PM on the Puffman Show. Writer Hendry revisits the emotional tensions that surrounded the Vietnam War, the Civil Rights movement, the Kennedy and King assassinations, and the radical culture of the 60's and 70's. It is a true story of idealism and misguided youth gone violently wrong. I thought Sharon Darby Hendry's book was a fascinating read and for me, it "partially" answered the question: how involved WAS Patty Heart in this whole mess which took more than two years to unravel. My opinion is AND always has been, that this spoiled little Republican rich girl, was out for a little adventure, and a tad more involved than she has ever admitted to, both in court and in the years since. I was also more than surprised when reading this book that I actually know, in person, one of the characters mentioned in the book. It's a small world indeed. I also find it amazing that this Sara Jane Olson woman could be on the lam for more than 20 years, marry a doctor, raise three kids, work as an actress and community activist in the upper mid west and somehow remain under the radar of the Feds. My opinion: they could have nabbed her years ago, had they really wanted to. I won't tell you the ending of the book but I invite you to welcome the Sarah Jane Olson story author, Sharon Darby Hendry, to the Puffman Show Tuesday, tomorrow at 4:35. By the way, Hendry, from Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota, has been a previous guest on my program. Some time back, I visited with her when we chatted about another one of her true crime books...this one was "Glensheen's Daughter", a tome about the killing of a rich lady by her own daughter and son in law in her historic mansion in northern Minnesota. And no, I don't think Patty Heart was involved in this deal! 'll be giving away a copy of the Sara Jane Olson story to the third caller right after the interview tomorrow (Tuesday) afternoon.  In the meantime, peace.