It's been described as ONE of the most eye-opening books in years! How much money are YOU missing that you don't even know about? Award-winning journalist Mary Pitman has spent the past several years honing her "missing money" search skills. Mary's the author of "the little book of Missing Money". It's a quick & easy guide to finding money that is rightfully yours and Ms Pitman is my special guest tomorrow afternoon (Friday 8/24) on the Puffman Show at 4:35. Mary's book reveals a dizzying number of places where money may linger in limbo, from stocks and charitable organizations to oil and mineral royalties (of real interest to us in this area). Even more valuable are the practical search techniques as tested by this "cyber-sleuthing author". Mary's been on the Puffman Show before & she's a great guest...although last time she was on, I didn't end up with any more money! Looking forward to the "Pit Woman" tomorrow afternoon. In the meantime, I encourage you to visit her website at'll be inspired.