It's a valuable new book, "Congratulations-You Just Got Hired; Don't Screw it Up", from first time author Robert L. Deitz. Clarion Review gave this gem Five Stars (out of Five!) & I give it a "Tip Of Our Towers"! Mr. Deitz says the purpose of his book is to provide practical job advice, & that he does with clarity & gusto. Deitz fulfills his goal with humor & brevity & the man has the experience to back it up. Deitz is a Harvard Law School grad with honors... I went to the Dwight Weese School of Broadcasting & I learned a thing or two from his book. "Congratulations-You Just Got Hired" is the perfect give for college seniors & anyone else looking for a job in today's volatile job market. It also comes in handy to have on hand at my desk as I try my level best to work well with my fellow co-workers. You know me, I'm the Puffman...a Team Player! It's all habits, dress, etiquette, E-stuff & resumes. One of the things I took away from the book is to "Work until the job is done; don't watch the clock." I have to go's time for my morning coffee break. Check out Deitz's tome at & bookstores nationwide. Deitz would love hearing stories from readers & he's reachable at: