My friend, the Gab Man, Peter Franklin, the New York City Gabby Cabby, is homeless today as I write this Puffman Blog. Pete will be joining me this afternoon (Thursday) at 4:35 from a "hotel somewhere" (where's he's in his temporary digs) in the New York metropolitan area. According to Pete, the apartment building where he had been living, got condemned, shut down, boarded up, vacated, ruled dangerous and unlivable by the NY City high muckity mucks. I'm sure this had nothing to do with Pete suing and taking his landlord to court 51 times during his years there. The Gab Nab also says that the owners of residential buildings (like the one he USED to live in) will have to adopt smoking policies and disclose them to prospective apartment buyers and tenants, under a law proposed by NY City May Michael Bloomberg. Speaking of smoking, Pete seems to be "smoking right now" after being ordered to "vacate the premises". On a brighter note, Pete will share a wonderful personnal story about the late Dick Clark. I wonder if Dick ever got tossed out of HIS apartment? We'll find out this afternoon with some "True Tales From The Gabby Cabby". Check out his website at: It's almost as much fun as listening to him cry over being "homeless" on the Puffman Show. Like the Tradewinds sang back in 1965, "New York's A Lonely Town When You're The Only Boy Around".