his guy IS a comedian. Not only is he a comedian but he's a "comedian for All Audiences" and he's scheduled to appear and perform in Conrad tomorrow (Wednesday) night at the Conrad High School Auditorium. He's Norman Foote (the E's silent!) and thanks to the Pondera Arts Council, the foot loose Foote will be entertaining here in the Golden Triangle. The Local Children's Choir will also be appearing with this all around funny man tomorrow night and from what Helen Elliot was telling me, there may be as many as 60 kids in tomorrow evening's choir presentation. It all starts at 7 tomorrow (Wednesday) night and there will be tickets available at the door at Conrad High School. This event is so huge that the Pondera Arts Council opted to use the high school as opposed to the beautiful and historic Orpheum Theatre. Good thinking on their part if you ask me, this could well be a SRO event! Adult tickets are $10, students $6, and the under 5 young fries get in FREE. It should be a laugh riot and comedian Norman Foote is "family friendly" which, I think, is a very good thing these days. We need more stuff like this and I salute the Pondera Arts Council for bringing this type of entertainment and good times to North Central Montana. In the meantime, I invite you to check out Foote's website, normanfoote.com. And THANK YOU Helen Elliot for stopping by the Puffman Show last week and getting the word out on what's happening with the Pondera Arts Council. We're proud to have all of you in the Golden Triangle!