The 138th Annual Westminster Kennel Club All-Breeds Show will feature a record number of entries, welcome three new breeds to competition, and for the first time, allow mixed-breed dogs to compete in its agility competition. A total of 2845 dogs are entered, representing 187 breeds and varieties. 225 dogs are entered in the agility competition.

Here are the three breeds being judged for the first time, with links to the American Kennel Club's official breed page:

The chinook is a sled dog, and will compete in the Working Dog class at Westminster. The AKC describes this blend of malamute, husky and two shepherd breeds as playful and eager-to-please. The chinook makes a great family dog, but a bad guard dog.

Chick HERE for the AKC's Chinook page.

The AKC describes the Portuguese Podengo Pequeno as a lively and intelligent member of the Hound group, bred to hunt and quick to chase.

Click HERE for the AKC's Portuguese Podengo Pequeno breed page.

The Terrier group at Westminster's 2014 show will include the Rat Terrier. The AKC says this dog tends to be shy with strangers, but very loyal to its master, active and playful.

Click HERE for the AKC's Rat Terrier breed page.

The 2014 Westminster show will also include an agility event, which will be open to mixed-breed dogs, marking the first time mixed-breeds have appeared in WKC -sponsored competition.

The USA Network will carry portions of the competition February 11-12.