I think one of the best things about doing radio here in the Golden Triangle, in rural Montana, is truly serving the wants and needs of our local listeners. This is what broadcasting has always been about and it still rings true to this day in Shelby, Montana. One of the many services we provide our listeners is our KSI EN Pet Patrol. This feature runs twice daily on KSEN AM 1150, in the mornings during the 11 o'clock hour on Gary's program and then again in the afternoon during the 4 o'clock hour on my Puffman Show. Many a day when I read the lost and found animals, I feel badly, because as an animal lover, I know there is nothing sadder than losing your pet. Many of our cats and dogs have never been outdoors, don't know how to defend themselves or how to survive and they have to be frightened out of their minds. For years and years, KSEN AM 1150 has always aired your lost and found animals free of charge, and whenever I read the Pet Patrol, not only does my heart go out, but I have the hope that these animals will once again find their way home, often to the only home they have ever known. Today (Thursday), for instance, we have a large orange male cat that has been found and is currently at the Prairie Oasis Animal Shelter. I know that SOMEONE SOMEWHERE is missing this animal like crazy and our job/duty is to reunite this cat with his or her owner. Speaking of the Prairie Oasis Animal Shelter, there was a nice feature on the Prairie Oasis in last evening's Shelby Promoter. I was happy to note that it is a "no kill" shelter and they have even kept some animals for as long as 2 years! This week we also have a 4-H Pigmy female Goat, who they say is a great show animal, up for adoption. I don't think a person can do a much better deed than adopting a stray animal from an animal shelter and giving that animal some kind of quality life. It's the least any of us can do. I'll write in a future blog about the dire importance of spaying and neutering your animal, which is, or should be, our responsibility as pet owners and lovers. Same thing for licenses, vaccinations, and collars. There is nothing sadder, in my eyes, than seeing stray hungry animals wandering around the streets trying to get a drink of water out of the gutter. See you later this afternoon on our Pet Patrol.