I'm returning to the Marias Heritage Center at 6 tonight (Tuesday) to read more Montana History. This evening, we'll be closing the curtain on "The Place Of Belonging" by former Montanan, former Great Falls and Conrad area resident, Jayne Pearson Faulkner. This has been a beautiful presentation, from her roots in Great Falls as a child without a father to a Conrad area farm, where her mom married a "good man" and into a "good family". Jayne, like many of us, was blessed with good parents as life went along, but there were some bumpy times and rough roads in the beginning back in the 1940's. It was a different world then and Jayne shares that world with us in her memoir. Her story has a happy ending, proving once again, that we all have a "place of belonging". It just takes some of us longer to find it than others, but such is life. See you this evening at the Marias Heritage Center. As for what we're going to be delving into next, reading wise, I'll post that in a future Puffman blog. Stay tuned.