One of the coolest books I have ever shared with the Tuesday evening Montana History group at the Marias Heritage Center is Ed Kemmick's "The Big Sky, By and By-True Tales, Real People and Strange Times in the Heart of Montana" and tomorrow afternoon (Friday at 4:35PM, Easy Ed is my special guest on the Puffman Show. I thoroughly enjoyed sharing these true tales (and I had my glasses on when I read them too!) up at the Heritage Center. I even blogged about one of the true tales in "The Big Sky, By and By"...that was the one about the old Wal-Mart greeter down in Miles City, who at one time ran a business of questionable reputation. I'm not sure why the town folks questioned it, I understood it from the get-go. It was a laugh riot as are most of Ed's true tales in this fun and informative read. Scribe Kemmick is the City Lights columnist at The Billings Gazette and he certainly brings humor and deep empathy to his subjects, making them every bit as vivid for readers as they were when he sat down to talk with them. I'm not sure what's Ed up to next, but it appears he is up against a brick least, looking at the back cover of his book. I also noted that many of these true tales take place in bars, bistros, and honky tonks, not to mention the "Scarlet Palace" in Miles City. I'm not sure what this says about the real people in Montana, but that's a subject for another day. In the meantime, I invite you to welcome Ed Kemmick to the Puffman Show tomorrow afternoon. And by the way, next time you're at Wal-Mart, you might want to take a second glance at some of those greeters!