Tomorrow, Thursday, marks the day for our next Advisory Board Meeting for the Center 4 Mental Health here in Shelby. Advisory Board members are reminded that it is important that everyone try to attend so that a Quorum is in attendance to conduct official business. If a board member is unable to attend tomorrow's noon meeting at the Griddle, a phone call to the Center 4 Mental Health would be most appreciated. Board members who are unable to attend a meeting can always give their proxy vote to one of our regular members. The Center 4 Mental Health Advisory Board meets the 3rd Thursday of every month September through June at the Griddle & we are always looking for new members who would like to serve.. If you're interested in becoming a member, please feel free to contact the Center at 434 5285 or stop in at the office at 925 Oilfield Avenue. The Center 4 Mental Health-Partnering To Improve Lives".