Saturday, May 5th is the date for second annual Walk for Bladder Cancer nationwide. New walks are being added every week with walks in 27 different states scheduled so far. I'm not aware of any walks here in our Treasure State but hopefully somebody or some group will get involved. Walks are already on tap in Washington State and California not to mention TWO walks down in Arizona. The state of Texas has 4 walks and there will be "Walks for Bladder Cancer" in Chicago, Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Indianapolis, Ohio, St. Louis, Detroit, Lexington and Oklahoma City. The South is well represented not to mention big cities and smaller communities all along the East coast. Beach walks and boardwalks, park walks and trail walks, walks through historic districts. All in all, walks for all generations and participants can walk for as long or short a time as they wish. This is a great way to raise awareness of bladder cancer and truly make a difference one step at a time. If any of you here in the Golden Triangle would like to walk to raise money for bladder cancer research and education and to raise awareness of this under-recognized and under-funded disease, I suggest you contact the Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network (BCAN) or visit their website for more information at or call 888 901 BCAN. You can also contact me, Jerry Puffer, here at the radio station.