No, that's not DJ Mark on his soap box in the the title of Robert Allan Hamlett's new read. Author Hamlett says the purpose of his book, "Wake Up America", is to identify certain areas of fraud, waste, & abuse by officials from both the state AND federal government. Hamlett's jaws are tight! He claims these officials have been abusing the trust that the American taxpayers have given to our elected officials. According to this author/writer, "For over 50 years the Democratic & the Republican parties have created a system of government that has provided a pot of gold for themselves". "Wake Up America" contains examples of the power structure that the Democrats & the Republicans have created. The book also contains solutions to solve the economic crisis that looms over America. He says the question is, "Will the American taxpayer take charge of their own future & the future of their children?" Decide for yourself. Check out the book, it's from Authorhouse.