Valier Homesteader Days are headin' our way, come NEXT weekend, Saturday, June 23rd. If you ask me, that one of the funnest days around here in the summer time. I've been in a few parades down there! Right now, the Valier folks are looking for vendors and crafters for Saturday, the 23rd. Valier Homesteader Days will be held in H.S. Miller Park from 10AM to 3PM. Booths are available for the vendors and crafters for $10 per space and $5 to hook up to the juice. If you're interested, contact Linda Kuka at 279 3624 (work) or 279 3347 (home). It really is one fun time, I remember when Bob Kovatch from the Lighthouse, Lake Francis Valier and also a spring sports commentator with an emphasis on fish, was in the infamous "BATH TUB RACES!"). See you all in Valier next weekend, a week from tomorrow (Saturday) for Homesteader Days in Valier!