A Mayo Clinic Children's Center pediatrician out in Rochester is advising parents that there have been changes in vaccinations AND changes in U.S. vaccine recommendations. Dr. Robert Jacobson, a vaccine specialist, says children can now be vaccinated for human papillomavirus at 11 years of age rather than having to wait until they are 16. This change will make it easier for busy children to get their 3 doses of the vaccine within the recommended 6 months. Dr. Jacobson says they've combined the measles-mumps-rubella vaccine with the chickenpox vaccine so that a single dose will cover all 4 of those diseases. In addition, the diphteria, tetanus, & pertussis combination, often called the DTaP shot & given to children at 6 years of age & younger, & can be given to new students at the same time, along with the final dose of the polio vaccine. Dr. Jacobson suggests parents contact their family physician or visit the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention's online registry to stay informed of the recommended school admission vaccine requirements for their child. The Mayo Clinic Radio Health Minute is heard weekday evenings at 5:30 during our Action Packed 5 O'Clock News Hour on KSEN & K96 FM. Me? I'm not afraid of ANY shots as long as they don't hurt!