Some of the most famous UFO cases have occurred right out here in Big Sky Country. These cases include the extraordinary "Montana Movie" of 2 spinning disks that flew over Great Falls back in 1950 (& still remained unexplained!), & the shutdown of Minuteman nuclear missiles from Malmstrom by UFO's in the 1960's. My special guest this afternoon (Tuesday), at 4:35 has written a fascinating book about this flying saucer stuff. She's Joan Bird who moved here to Montana in 1973 to pursue graduate studies in zoology at the University of Montana. Her book is "Montana UFO's and Extraterrestrials-Extraordinary Stories of Documented Sightings & Encounters". I first hooked up with Joan last year when Richard Ecke did an article on her in his "Spray of the Falls" column in the Great Falls Tribune. I was already familiar with the 1950 sighting in Great Falls when the late Nick Mariana, general manager of the Great Falls baseball team, the Electrics captured film of the UFO's out at the Legion Ball Park in Great Falls. Nick had a sports program on the radio in those days entitled "Nick's Pick's" & I've always figured that a guy who had a radio gig with that cool of name had to know something! I remember as a kid watching Gary Moore's "I've Got A Secret" nationwide CBS television program when Nick (of Nick's Pick's!) was a guest & Gary's panelists attempted to guess Nick's secret. They then showed his film of to see saucers out at the ballpark. Looking forward to finding out more on this intriguing subject this afternoon on the Puffman Program. I've been "spinning the disks" on the radio for years & now I have an opportunity to find out even more about "spinning disks" this afternoon with Joan.