With winter in full blast here in the Golden Triangle, there ARE resources available for those of you in need. There's the LIEAP-Low Income Energy Assistance Program. Applications for assistance are available from the North Central Area on Ageing. Their office is located down in Conrad at 600 South Main Street, #4. For additional information, call 271 7553. Opportunities Inc. Emergency Resource Services are available here in the Golden Triangle with emergency rental assistance to those who qualify. Curt Campbell's the area coordinator & Curt is reachable at 216 2300. Opportunities Inc. also offers weatherization services & if you qualify for LIEAP assistance, you may also qualify for weatherization services. Their number is 216 3055. Another possibility would be Energy Share of Montana. If you've applied for LIEAP & DON'T qualify or need further help with your energy costs, you can apply for Energy Share. The contact number is 800 777 7589. Stay warm this winter, spring IS on the way although it probably doesn't seem like it these days!