If you or a loved one have suffered too long from gut distress, Andrew Weil says, "This book is for you!" Gregory Plotnikoff, MD & Mark Weisberg, PhD have written "Trust Your Gut; Get Lasting Healing from IBS and Other Chronic Digestive Problems Without Drugs. Dr. Weil says their book will show us how to use scientifically grounded, natural methods that are easily accessible. If Dr. Weil highly recommends it, I'm all for it. 40 million Americans (1 in 5) suffer from chronic cramping, bloating, & diarrhea. If YOU or someone you love is plagued by chronic digestive distress, you already know what it's like to be held captive by your gut or spend thousands of dollars on prescriptions that brought only temporary relief. In "Trust Your Gut", internist Dr. Gregory Plotnikoff & clinical health psychologist Dr. Mark Weisberg show how to listen to your gut & to interpret symptoms as important messages that can help correct imbalances. Rather than advocating drugs to mask the symptoms & underlying problems, Plotnikoff & Weisberg offer a program to assess diet, sleep, & stress, & show the reader revolutionary methods for responding differently to the body's signals. Check out the book & then check out your gut wherever books & eBooks are sold or through Red Wheel/Weiser at 800 423 7087. Or visit: www.redwheelweiser.com. Doctors Plotnikoff & Weisberg offer a self-help program that provides anyone with chronic gut distress the tools to break the vicious cycle of symptoms, fear, & pain.