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Letter Provided by: Kristi Aklestad Toole County Health Nurse

Dear Community Member:

 What do you think?

Toole County is undertaking a Community Health Assessment.  In order to complete this, the Toole County Health Department will be holding a community discussion on May 16, 2013 at Marias River Electric at 6pm.  As a community resident and partner, your input is integral in forging a plan and direction for the future.  Please come prepared to share your valuable insight and opinions; this is a great opportunity to invest in making Toole County’s future much brighter.

The benefits of this meeting are two-fold.  Not only is it an opportunity to share important data regarding the health of our county, you will also be able to contribute to the prioritization of health issues and help identify goals that need to be addressed in coming years. Once these priorities are established, a Community Health Improvement Plan will be developed which will be aimed at reaching the ultimate goal: a healthier, more productive Toole County.  To best accomplish this, the community must continue to work together; combining expertise, utilizing knowledge and relying on the experience of all Toole County residents.

This is just the beginning!  Your input is very important, especially now as the plans for the future are beginning to be developed.  Please participate in making Toole County a healthier place to live, work and play!


Kristi Aklestad, RN

County Nurse

Toole County Health Department

402 1st ST S

Shelby, MT  59474

(406) 424-5169

(406) 424- 2425 fax