This Labor Day weekend marks the END of the "Old Fishing Hole" for this season. Now, summer really is over in my mind. I hope you can join us sometime this weekend on KSEN and K 96 FM for the final "Old Fishing Hole" broadcast of the season. All the regulars with be here & let's face probably won't hear any of these fishing guys until next spring. Rovin' Don Groven has a season's end report on the Fresno fishing Dallas Denter will share some Tiber Tales, Beep Grant in Browning will give us the lowdown on the lakes in Glacier County, Bruce Auchly from Fish, Wildlife & Parks will be along from Great Falls, and Bob Kovatch, near the water at Lake Francis, will supply the Valier vitals PLUS, On-Key Kovatch will sing AND whistle the old fishing song as we close our curtain on the Fishing Hole See you later this afternoon (Thursday) during our action packed 5 o'clock News Hour on the Old Fishing Hole... See, I told you that I was up for some awards!