Our advisory board for the Center for Mental Health is scheduled to meet tomorrow (Thursday) at noon at the Griddle. We meet for an hour the 3rd Thursday of the month, 9 months out of the year. Last meeting, it took most of the hour to get our lunch. Tomorrow, I am going to suggest cutting to the chase & ordering an evening meal as soon as we get there. Either that or shoot for a LATE breakfast! The Center for Mental Health partners with people & communities to produce exceptional mental health & substance abuse services & we are always looking for new members to join our board. Just make sure you eat BEFORE you come to the meeting! If you're interested in becoming a board member, contact the Center at 925 Oilfield Avenue (the old Buzybees Daycare) or call 434 5285. We not only believe in reducing the stigma of mental illness but also emphasize resilience & recovery. And as always, we continue "Celebrating Beautiful Minds!", no matter how hungry we are!