With this Sunday marking the 10th anniversary of perhaps the worst tragedy our country has ever experienced, I thought I would put in a call to my friend Peter Franklin, better known as the Gabby Cabby, that wacky New York City cab driver who's been a frequent guest on the Puffman Show for the past 13 years here in Shelby and before that, probably 10 years when I was working on the East Coast. I remember calling Pete 10 years ago a day or two after 911 and being relieved that he and his family were "okay". Despite all the kidding we do, I've come to know and respect Pete as a personal friend and a really nice decent guy. Don't let his "New York City persona fool you on the radio. I called Pete earlier today (Friday) and I will air that interview this afternoon at 4:35PM on the Puffman Show. I believe that both of us got through the interview pretty seriously for the most part. Pete will certainly share "his take" and thoughts on what took place in his hometown 10 years ago this Sunday and what's going on there this weekend. I invite you to join us at 4:35 this afternoon. I do think that Pete managed to get one or two of his infamous zingers in somewhere during the interview!