He's Conrad's own & the world famous author, Dale Sheldon, & we're reading Dale's book up at the Marias Heritage Center here in Shelby. We started "Who Lost?" last Tuesday evening & we'll continue on this evening (Tuesday) at 6 at the Heritage. The 1st 16 pages had me in stitches! It's enough to make you kick the slats out of your cradle. This "Autobiography of a blind man with great vision" is, in my opinion, "PERFECT." The obvious difference between sculptor, Dale Sheldon & other artists is that he is totally blind. In hindsight, Dale realizes that losing his eyesight just before his 4th birthday helped him see that raising a family & running a business in rural Montana is not for the faint of heart. Whether it was owning his own trucking company, or leaving rural Montana to work in Washington, D.C., Dale pursued every possibility for success. If you just yearn for a good laugh, enjoy his adventures while hunting moose in north central Montana, driving a snow mobile at high speeds up a mountain, or learning to water ski at the family reunion with nieces & nephews yelling from shore, "You can do it, Uncle Dale!" Dale sure did it with this tome & I can't wait to share more of "Who Lost" tonight at 6 o'clock SHARP at the Marias Heritage Center. Next time I talk with Dale, I'm going to ask him if he'd consider taking me up in a small plane over the Bob! Check out Dale Sheldon's "Who Lost" at local book outlets, Amazon.com, & Barnes&Noble.com  from OutskirtsPress.com.You CAN & you DID Dale with this great read!