Those custom cutter guys are harvesting down in Forsyth this week & "Tall" Todd reports that he talked with custom harvester Shawn Johnson who hails from Minnesota. Johnson reports that he had started his harvest in Oklahoma with with 8 machines & that 2 of the 8 had only 16 & 17 hours on them! He said that the crops were TERRIBLE; short & yields were were LOW. Todd said that he saw his 1st green grass when he neared the eastern border of Wyoming & cut his 1st real crops at Forsyth. The winter wheat, planted on ground that had some alkali & some of the producers poorer ground yielded around 50 bushels! That's not bad considering they had cut a 22 bushel average in the Denver area. They are harvesting Moravian M-115-M (that's sounds like a good name for a foreign sports car or a 4th of July firecracker!) & they were having trouble keeping the barley from riding over the rotor, but realized after harvesting a 38 bushel field that, hauled to the elevator in Hardin, averaged 152 bushels, was 94-96 plump & was 12 protein. Todd also said the mosquitoes were HUGE! The round trip haul to Billings is 155 miles. It won't be long now before Todd & his custom crew will be up here under the Big Sky in our Golden Triangle.