Usually on Tuesdays or Wednesdays, I blog about my reading Montana History every Tuesday night at the Marias Heritage Center. True to form, I'll be there this evening (Tuesday) at six to continue reading "Forever Friends-The journey of two families from Civil War Virginia to Montana Territory 1860-1868". Lenore McKelvey Puhek (her last name rhymes with Buick but this week, she's taking the "Shoe Leather Express"...poor woman), is the author and she's from Helena. Norma Ashby (famous pioneer TV woman) is also from Helena and Norma and Lenore know one another. I was thinking earlier today of all that DOES go on at the Marias Heritage Center for all the residents. Why, just yesterday afternoon,  Monday, the Heritage had their community card party and it was a hoot. They play a virtual variety of games at these community card parties and there's treats and drinks to boot (it rhymes with hoot). I suggest you check out our own Shelby Promoter every week and read the column, "Heritage Happenings". And trust me, there IS a lot happening at the Heritage. I suggest calling Judy Richman at the Heritage at 434 3290 for more information on this wonderful way of spending the next chapter of your life. Meanwhile, I can't wait to get back into "Forever Friends" and find out if Amelia is going to marry the handsome rich debonair Boston doctor (I'm not a doctor nor do I play one on the radio and I'm not from Boston but other than that, I think there are similarities between the doc and myself, I'm the Puffman) and what her old/former beau, the earnest Jeremiah Hicks is going to do now that he's found out that his traveling companion "Joseph" is really a "Josephine". Meanwhile, there's a Civil War (it's anything BUT civil) going on in the background as our foursome of characters head toward their destiny. I believe some of them or all of them will end up in Montana before this true saga is over. It's one of the most intriguing books I've read in a long time and I would certainly recommend it to all. Lenore has a very nice unique way of seeing the world and putting it into words. Good job Lenore, I know this is your third in a series featuring pioneer women and I can't wait for the sequel to "Forever Friends". See you all at six this evening in the Sun Room at the Marias Heritage Center.