That would be the white haired Anderson Cooper on CNN, according to the Peter Franklin, the Gabby Cabby. I'm not sure who the very worst is, but I guess we'll find out at 4:35 this afternoon (Thursday), when the Gab Man joins us from New York City on the Puffman Show. It's not pretty back there. The driver of the yellow mobile conveyance lounge says you can get nabbed by the NYC police if you open your car door in traffic. What I want to are you SUPPOSED to get out of your vehicle...there's constant traffic in that human jungle Pete calls home. I'll say this about my friend the Wacky Hacky...he's not letting any moss grow under his feet...he's (or at least he claims) that's he's still working a 50 to 60 hour week! And at his age! A tip of our towers to you brother. I invite you to tune in this afternoon for some of Pete's high spirited high jinx combined with his all encompassing sense of humor. How's that? Is that better than saying "abrasive"?! The man's no dummy, he'll also be explaining who Winslow Homer is. I can't wait. See you in the 4 o'clock hour this afternoon for the Gabby Cabby. Visit his website at for even more true tales.