We hear so often someone mention "the real meaning of Christmas" and/or "the reason for the season", I think often it falls on deaf ears. There is probably more hustle and bustle, tension, frayed nerves, short temperaments, and a feeling of general anxiety in the air at this time of year more than any other. Christmas IS very special and I think most of us can recall with fondness, a time when life moved slower and we enjoyed this very special time of year. I can remember when attending church on Christmas eve was the norm in many families. I don't have the times and schedules from all the area churches, but if your church is having a service, I would like to hear from you and I'll be more than happy to list it on my Puffman Blog in addition to airing it over the radio. I DO know that the Mountain View Baptist Church in Cut Bank will be holding their candlelight service this Christmas Eve, Saturday night at 6. Shelby First Methodist will have their Christmas Eve service Saturday evening beginning at 8. Christmas Masses this year include the Saturday afternoon 5:30 service at St. Margaret-Cut Bank, the 8PM service at St. Thomas Aquinas-Sunburst, and Midnight Mass at St. Michael's-Conrad (songs begin at 11:30PM). Continuing with a longstanding tradition, we'll be broadcasting the Christmas Eve service from the Pondera Valley Lutheran Church this Christmas eve at 7 o'clock on both KZIN-FM and KSEN-AM 1150.There will be Christmas Mass Sunday morning at 8:30 at St. Francis-Valier and at 10:30 at St. William-Shelby. I'll tell you about a New Year's Vigil coming up on New Year's eve along with some New Year Day Masses in a future Puffman Blog. In the meantime, if your church is having a special service, be sure and let me know so I can get "the word" out. After all, that IS what Christmas is all about...."getting the word out".  Merry Christmas to all!