Those custom cutter guys, Tall Todd & his crew, are bogged down in Byers, Colorado, just east of Denver. Todd reports that the rains are delaying the harvest, but it's just showers that are enough to keep the boys out of the fields. The wheat is running in the 60 bushel range, which is much better than the 25-26 bushel crops in Kansas. The elevators are testing & paying for protein, which has been about 13.9% on the crop they have harvested. Some of the elevators are checking for I.D.K. (insect damaged kernels), but Todd doesn't know what insect is doing the damage. I suspect I might have ingested some I.D.K. in my bowl of Post Shredded Wheat this morning! It appears UPA is docking the hardest,; up to 53 cents a bushel! Todd's son, Boisterous Braydon, arrived last Saturday to join his pop & the harvest crew. Todd claims that road diesel is $3.60 & farm fuel is $3.15 to $3.20. He said that the producers are binning all of their grain on the farm & not hauling any to the elevator; something that is out of the norm for them at harvest time. He said the showers were to continue for another day or so & then dry weather is expected to prevail. Todd talked with the Fearless Forsyth producers & their crops are maturing & are expected to be average in that area. I'm going to check out my Shredded Wheat (I may switch brands & go back to Nabisco) & I'll get back to you & keep you updated on harvest season on a future Puffman Blog...won't be long before Todd & his custom cutter buddies will be up here our Hi-Line. I.D. can't be good.