We finished reading "The Place of Belonging" last evening at the Marias Heritage Center and we're already into "Montana Moments-History on the Go". It's a neat read written by Ellen Baumler. Ellen's the interpretive historian for the Montana Historical Society in Helena and the pages of her tome overflow with enjoyable historical vignettes that cover nearly everything important that has happened in Montana history. That said, we've already gone through the first 13 pages and I didn't see anything about the Puffman saving the radio station. Oh well, we've got close to 200 pages to go and I'll keep an eye out for my name. We enjoyed several vignettes last evening including the tale of "The Auditor". "The Auditor" was the name given to the poor old dog who hung out at Butte's Berkeley Pit for years. The Pit, known for being as poisonous as battery acid, apparently didn't shorten this mangy mutt's life by too much, he died peacefully in his shanty back in 2003 and was 120 years old in dog years at the time. He may be dead but I'm sure he's well preserved forever. See you next Tuesday evening at 6 at the Heritage for more Montana History on the go featuring "Montana Moments".