That's what I used to call them. I was a big time wrestling fan back in the 70's & early 80's & besides seeing some great matches back in the Pittsburgh area, I got to meet some of these "living legends". I had the good fortune to spend an entire day with the late Captain Lou Albano, who I found out wasn't really a "Captain" at all. (I also always suspected that Sgt. Slaughter wasn't a "real Sgt in the Marines!). I've come across a great read by Steven Johnson & Greg Oliver with Mike Mooneyham entitled "Heroes & Icons" & they're all in here. Heroes like Hulk Hogan, Dusty Rhodes, The Rock, & Andre the Giant. This tome covers what a friend of mine used to call "The world's only true sport", Professional Wrestling. "Heroes & Icons" from ECW Press covers the 1930's to the present day & it's the latest installment in the acclaimed Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame series & examines what makes a great hero. Check it out at Oh yeah, in my eyes, the answer is still "No", it's not fake! I DO believe that one of the problems with professional wrestling is with the seems like many of them don't pay attention & miss out on some of the underhanded capers & stunts pulled by the bad guys!