Hats off to our mayor, His Honor-Larry J. Bonderud. I was on my way to the Marias Heritage Center last evening to delve into Montana history and continue reading the book, "How It Looks Going Back", all about growing up in the beautiful Yaak Valley. As many of you know, our viadock is closed as the result of a big rig snafu on Monday. I was approaching the corner near Mark's Tire and there had to be at least 10 cars lined up waiting to cross the railroad tracks. It must have been a huge freight train as I waited and waited. Some cars ahead of me gave up, turned around and left the area. By this time I had four or five vehicles behind me. What to do? Should I turn around and take the interstate or keep waiting for the train to pass. I called my elected official, Mayor Bonderud, at his Shelby eye doctor's office.  It was almost 6 o'clock but here I found Larry hard at work, manning the office. I assume he was working on a cure for glaucoma and/or macular degeneration. Better him than me, I don't even know how to spell it. I told the mayor of my dilemma and asked him what I should do... Wait for the train or take the interstate. What if it takes longer to take the interstate than wait for the train? Mayor Bonderud suggested I go up by the hospital, get on Bump Road, drive up to the big blue water tank, take a right, and come out by the grain elevators and then take another right and I would be heading into uptown Shelby on the "right side of the tracks". Bump Road worked like a charm and here's the thing...when I got to the "other side of the tracks", the train was still there. Had I waited, I would have been even later to commence reading "How It Looks Going Back". All ended well and from what I understand, the viadock IS open to one way traffic. That is to say that you can use it going one way (heading over toward the radiator station) but we'll still have to use "the tracks" going back. Not me, I'm going to stick with Bump Road and the big blue water tank. I don't have to worry about any trains on that route. Thanks to Mayor Bonderud, the residents at the Marias Heritage Center got to enjoy some more Montana history!