There's a great deal of truth in Marvin Gaye's blast-from-the-past, "I'll Be Doggone". Marvin is actually the one who's gone and next month, some money from your billfold will also be gone if you don't have your dog vaccinated and licensed by next Wednesday, the 29th. The end of this month (next week) is the deadline to have all dogs in our Shelby city limited vaccinated against rabies and properly and legally licensed. Come this Thursday, March 1st, if you don't provide proof of vaccination and license, you will be nabbed with a citation and fine. Being a pet owner is a responsibility and in my opinion, many folks don't take it seriously enough. What choice does our city government have, other than to cite and fine the offenders. Speaking of pet responsibility, there is NO EXCUSE for not having your pet spayed or neutered (sometimes both if your animal is causing problems). I was just reading an article yesterday on how fewer animals we are having to euthanize these days (even though there ARE more animals, I guess they take an "animal census") thanks to the increase in spaying and neutering that's been done over the past few years by RESPONSIBLE pet owners. To my eyes, there is nothing sadder than driving into a community and seeing all the stray dogs running wild seeking only a bite to eat, water, some warmth in the winter, and someone to give them a pat on the head. They only want to "please us" and so often we drop the ball. I often see these strays and so badly would like to adopt them and take them all home. They deserve better than what they have. We will all be judged someday by how we treated the less fortunate...humans AND animals. Don't forget, this Wednesday is the deadline for rabies vaccination and licensing here in the city of Shelby.