he Wacky Hacky aka the Gabby Cabby aka Peter Franklin, the New York City taxi cab driver will be joining me this afternoon (Wednesday) around 4:30 on the Puffman Show. As usual, the Gab Man is fired up and he's still in a huff over Montana Senator Max Baucus and Montana Attorney General Steve Bullock snubbing him, AND he's the Gab Man!  Good thing for those guys Pete's not a registered Montana voter! Pete will also share a tale about 3 high ranking New York City Police officers making some criminal charges "disappear" and then retiring as soon as possible in order to preserve their pensions. Is the man happy about ANYTHING? Probably not, he's also not too pleased about passengers using debit cards in his yellow mobile conveyance lounge. If you don't get your fill of the "New York Experience" this afternoon on the Puffman Show, check out the man's website at Gabby.com. He also has penned a book, "Gabby Cabby"-The Inside Scoop from New York's Last English-Seaking Cabdriver available at Amazon.com. New York, New York, I have to say it twice because he's so nice!