Make that "ROCKY"! I received a report this past weekend from Tall Todd, the custom cutter guy who comes up here to our Golden Triangle every harvest season. Todd & his custom cutter guys have moved to Clinton, Oklahoma. In Texas, they harvested crops that yielded from 18.6 bushels per acre on the Terry Bruce farms down to 11.2 bushels at Courteous Ken Adderholt's farm. The crops in Texas were short; the ground ROCKY, with small rocks that were a nuisance in getting in the canvases & stopping the canvas rollers & even ripping a canvas. Yields were from 18 bushels on one side of the road to 0 bushels on the other side; no rhyme nor reason in this deal! To the north, at Frederick, Oklahoma, Talkative Todd stopped at the local Case dealer & the yields there were from 25 to 28 bushels & in Clinton, where the boys are now located, Todd said that an "arm-out-the-window" estimate is 20 + bushles & he said that there is some height to the wheat, which the combine operators will appreciate, as they will not have to scrub the ground. My late father always used to drive with his "arm-out-the-window." Of course, we didn't have the automatic turn signals in those days! Todd thinks in about a week there should be some ripe wheat as they are forecasting 100 degree weather. He chewed the fat with a producer & customer down in Forsyth, Montana, & he said they had 10.5 inches in 2 weeks! They had just finished irrigating the sugar beets & they look a bit waterlogged at present, but thinks they will snap out of it. Todd cuts malt barley for this producer & it is hauled to Billings. So the next time you enjoy an amber brew, raise a toast to Todd!  My friend Gary Gollohon over at the Gollohon Place was northeast of Great Falls on Friday & reports as he was heading back to the Gollehon pPace, the winter wheat was starting to head out, so harvest will definitely be moving North! We'll be waiting for our next Ag Report here on the Puffman Blog.