The jobs crisis is permanent! That's what James B. Huntington says and he's a PH.D. and former business professor, teacher, and professional speaker. Dr. Huntington will be my special guest this afternoon (Friday) at 4:35 talking about his new book, "Work's New Age-The END of Full Employment and What It Means to You". If that's the case, I'm glad that I have this blog writing gig on the side! For most of our lives, we have thought all good people could find work and support themselves. Dr. Huntington says you can kiss those times goodbye and no economic recovery will bring it back. The recession is officially over, yet almost 15 million people remain unemployed. At least 10 million more would take jobs if they thought they could get them. I'm going to try and cheer this gloomy Gus up this afternoon and I invite you to stay tuned and check him out. He says the Conservatives are wrong, the Liberals are wrong and that all signs point to even fewer jobs in the future. "Work's New Age" is the first full-length book in years to address this massive national concern. It shows why the gap between workers and jobs will get even larger, and which possible solutions will only harm. I'm anxious to hear more later this afternoon on the Puffman Show. See you at 4:35 today.