SXSW is a three ring circus that offers a glimpse into the next big things in music, digital media, and film. Homeless people as Wi-Fi hotspots? Sounded ridiculous a week ago, but it could be status quo in a year.

So, which of this year’s film premieres will be remembered a year from now? Considering last year’s festival gave us a first look at ‘Bridesmaids,’ ‘Source Code,’ ‘Attack the Block,’ and ‘Undefeated,’ we’d say there’s no shortage of anticipation surrounding this year’s potential breakouts.

Here are the 10 premieres we’re keeping an eye on.

The Cabin in the Woods

We first caught wind of this flick back in 2009. Its release has been delayed multiple times over the two and half years since we laid eyes on the film’s poster. What appears to be another cliched horror story turns into some seriously mind-bending madness. Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard (the writer behind ‘Cloverfield’) are the mad scientists behind this production with Chris Hemsworth (‘Thor’) leading the cast. We’re fairly positive Community spoofed this last season.

The Babymakers

Kevin Heffernan might’ve put it best when asked in a video interview with Fandango what the movie’s about – “It’s like Ocean’s Eleven only with sperm.” With Jay Chandrasekhar behind the camera and Olivia Munn in front of it, this comedy about an attempted heist of a sperm bank will surely come to a theater near you soon. Liv Munny’s dirty sext pics shouldn’t hurt getting the word out either. We’d make way too many babies with her.

The Do-Deca Pentathlon

This comedy about two brothers competing in their own private 25 event Olympics is written and directed by brothers Jay & Mark Duplass. You might recognize Mark as the guy who plays Pete on FX’s ‘The League.’ They also wrote the screenplay for the underrated indie comedy ‘Cyrus’ starring John C. Reilly and Jonah Hill, and also have ‘Jeff, Who Lives at Home‘ starring Jason Segel and Ed Helms coming out March 16th.

Frankie Go Boom

We picked this primarily for the description on the SXSW site: “a flik by bruce about his little brother frank who’s a crybaby f*** who shudnt do lame-@ss emberrissing sh*t if he doznt want people 2 see it on the internet.” That’s a breath of fresh air when you’re scrolling through paragraphs of other pretentious, overstated summaries. The movie stars Sons of Anarchy cast members Charlie Hunnam, Ron Perlman (in drag apparently), and everyone’s favorite sexy hipster-goth-alt chick Lizzy Caplan.

Nature Calls

Is this the remake to Ace Ventura 2? No. Patton Oswalt and Johnny Knoxville play brothers who are polar opposites. Knoxville’s character tries to host a sleepover for his son, but the festivities are hijacked by Oswalt’s character who takes the group on a Scout trip. If Adam Sandler and Alec Baldwin don’t make a cameo as Canteen Boy & the Scoutmaster, I’m writing a letter. Other cast includes Rob Riggle, the late Patrice O’Neal, and Darrell Hammond.

Small Apartments

The premise is nothing that outlandish or new, but the lead character’s name is Franklin Franklin and is played by a dude who lost all his hair. Like, ALL of it – eyebrows, armpits, you name it, he lost it. It also stars Billy Crystal, James Caan, Rosie Perez, DJ Qualls (Road Trip), Juno Temple, Johnny Knoxville and Dolph Lundgren. It honestly reads like a spoof for ‘Funny or Die.’

Iron Sky

Okay, so technically it premiered at the Berlin Film Festival, but it will make its North American debut at SXSW. Here’s the plot – at the end of World War II, Nazi spaceships are sent to the “dark side” of the Moon where they establish a military base and safe haven for Nazis seeking refuge. In 2018, descendants of the Nazis prepare a final strike to conquer Earth. Not bad. But the fact it was produced in collaboration with an online community of film fans is what makes it a must-see.

God Bless America

Bobcat Goldthwait’s sure to be cult classic black comedy has been described as Falling Down meets Idiocracy. Bill Murray’s brother plays an unemployed, possibly terminally ill, dude who’s fed up with our country’s biggest a-holes so he sets out to kill them all with the help of a teenaged girl sidekick.

The Hunter

Based on the novel by Julia Leigh comes the story of a mercenary (Willem Dafoe) who is hired by a mysterious biotech company to enter the Tasmanian wilderness and track down the last surviving Tasmanian tiger. I’d watch just about anything with Dafoe in it and the mystery angle has me hooked. It premiered at the Toronto Film Festival in September.

Wikileaks: Secrets & Lies

Spoiler alert – this documentary has real life spoilers.