The Miller Hutterite Colony south of Bynum (not too far from Jim Anderson and Grizzly Sports in Choteau) is now shipping cases of fresh Coho salmon to Seattle Washington. David Wipf, the colony's spokesman and secretary/treasurer, says this sustainable farming project started shipping head-on-gutted salmon weighing an average of four pounds in 50 pound cases to its West Coast partner/distributor for sale under the label, SweetSpring Salmon. The colony developed the business, Teton Fisheries L.L.C. with several partners, according to Colony resident Steven Hofer. Hofer is the salmon plant manager. Wipf, the man with the plan, says that they plan is to raise salmon to a premium weight of 6.6 pounds. I'm the Executive Producer (or at least I was last year) of The Old Fishing Hole and this is more than a good sized fish in my opinion. If you enjoy fish as much as I do, I'm the Puffman, there's good news for all of us here in the Golden Triangle...Gary and Leo's in Conrad has signed on to sell this fresh salmon.  Hofer noted that providing a head-on, gill-in fish gives fish customers a chance to see the evidence of freshness because the "pink" gill is the first part of a fish to deteriorate. I always get a little nervous when I see a fish with the head seems like he is looking at me! One thing for sure, Once you taste fresh salmon, the frozen variety just doesn't do the job. It's like color TV and air conditioning.