It could well be an apt description of a typical afternoon on the Puffman Show, but in this case, it's how the new novel, "Sunday Girl" is described by The Literary Consultancy They write that this tome from Kalliope Lee that I'll be giving away this afternoon (Monday) at 4:30 on my Puffman Musical Trivia, is a "strange, complex & moving novel that's immensely readable & that authorKalliaope Lee has created a believable, mysterious world with moments of real dram & poignancy." "Sunday Girl" explores the traumatic wounds that haunt the blood through generations. It hits on Korea's historical scars with searing insight & stunning prose. It's looks like a real page turner to me & focuses on "Comfort Women." This was the term given to young Korean girls abducted by the Japanese army during World War 11 to serve as sex slaves for the soldiers. Silenced by shame, it wasn't until 1991 that the 1st of these "Comfort Women" came forward & testified against the army, only to be denied by the Japanese government. It's a psychological thriller from Psychopomp Press from Smith Publicity: "Sunday Girl" can be purchased as an ebook from amazon & Smashwords & you can WIN your copy TODAY at 4:30 on Puffman Musical Trivia at 4:30 if you can correctly answer the musical trivia question. See you later this afternoon.