I just received the January Precipitation Report for the month of January out at the Knees area. They recorded a total of 19.5 inches of snow last month with 1.01 moisture. January 6th came in with .18 precipitation & 3.2 inches of snow while January 4th showed .13 precipitation & 2.4 inches of snow with January 2nd showing .07 precipitation & 1.5 inches of snow. January 15th had .19 with 5.1 snow. The 23rd  reported .07 with 2 inches of snow. There was a trace recorded on January 26th with 5.3 inches of snow. "Traces" of both precipitation AND snow showed up on January 26th, 27th, & the 31st of the month. January 30th had .37 precipitation & 5.3 inches of snow. I'm now doing some research on the moisture content for the entire year of 2013 at the Knees & I'll be sharing that with you on a future Puffman Blog. Stay warm!