No attempt at humor's the title of a great new book that showcases how dogs have become intimate parts of our lives & homes. "Sleeping With The Beast" is about a New England family that just happens to be comprised of a couple with 2 sons & 5 dogs-all cohabitating in one large farmhouse. Animal-lover & photographer Dale Ryan is my special guest this afternoon (Thursday) at 4:35 on the Puffman Program at 4:35. Dale is a freelance photographer who studies art & design while earning a Science Degree in art education. She volunteers at local dog shelters & has owned some 15 dogs over the years. This book is a beautiful presentation of a close-up view of what it is really like to live with dogs-from cooking to decorating to gardening to literally "sleeping with the beast". Dale says "Our animals are often offered the same privileges as those of our offspring. Our children are shipped off to preschool & our dogs are enrolled at doggy daycare. From a legal perspective, we make last wills & testaments for our children & now make financial provisions for our 4 legged companions. These are topics most animal owners don't think of, but they should". "Sleeping With The Beast" explains why it's necessary & how to do it". New York Post columnist Cindy Adams says "Tony-winning, Oscar-winning producer Marty Richard's daughter-in-law Dale Ryan wrote "Sleeping With The Beast", a Breeze Hill coffee-table picture book about dogs & their 60 million human owners". See you this afternoon on the Puffman Show where "wee paws for station identification!"