Some of our good neighbors will be "SHOUTING out" "Bingo" tonight (Thursday) up north as American Legion Post 73 in Sweetgrass will be calling out "Bingo" at the American Legion Hall. Thursday nights at Bingo in Sweetgrass are a sweet time & frolicking fun for all. The bingo kicks off at 7 o'clock SHARP tonight & you're all invited. I worked for a radio station back east some years back where we used to run bingo on the radio. That was great fun too although when you tuned in weekday mornings, most of what you heard on the air was the bingo cage spinning around & around. Not too much audio" excitement. I recall the time one of our listeners actually "forged" their bingo card & collected the winnings. End of the story...the station filed charges at the local magistrate against the listener for theft, fraud, & general dishonesty. I'm sure that would never happen here in the Golden Triangle where the good folks really are the "good folks"! See you at bingo this evening at 7 at the American Legion Hall in Sweetgrass & don't try forging your bingo cards! Bingo!