Actually, he's in a room...Room #202 at the Holiday Inn down in Great Falls during Western Art Week this week. World famous author & longtime Conrad resident Dale Sheldon will be presenting his sculptures this Wednesday (tomorrow) through Sunday. What a fine opportunity this will be to meet the author of the autobiography of a blind man with great vision. I'll be sharing more of Dale's book, "Who Lost" tonight (Tuesday) up at the Marias Heritage Center here in Shelby during Montana History at the Heritage. The book is a laugh riot & after reading the 1st 5 chapters, it's like the man is a cat with 29 lives. I can't imagine how he survived some of his crazy stunts. I mean, How many blind guys have done auto repair, fished, hunted, snow mobiled & water skied! Besides serving for 12 years as a Pondera County Commissioner, Dale was a Russian interpreter. My impression from knowing Dale is, that if was still doing Russian interpreting, we might not be having these "Putin Problems" the world is going through now-a-days. I'll see you at 6 o'clock SHARP tonight at the Heritage for MORE Montana History as we enjoy Dale Sheldon's "Who Lost?' Check out the book at area stores, & Barnes& I bet ol' Dale might have an extra book or two for sale down at the Holiday Inn this week.