World famous Conrad author, "Dangerous" Dale Sheldon will be making a RARE personal appearance Friday night, May 30th, up at the Marias Heritage Center. Dale will be discussing his book, "Who Lost?"? & answering questions during his presentation. I've got a few questions myself that I intend to fire at Dale! Speaking of Dale's "Who Lost?", we'll be starting chapter 10 entitled "Friends" tonight (Tuesday) at 6 at the Heritage Center during our Montana History Hour. I've blogged before that it's a wonderful read & if you haven't already, be sure & pick up the book at the usual outlets or visit or Barnes& I suspect the "Man himself" can supply you with an autographed copy...Dale's reachable at 406 271 5330. Looking forward to seeing you tonight at 6 o'clock SHARP at the Marias Heritage Center for more Montana History & more than looking forward to enjoying the "Fearless" Sheldon in person at the Heritage on Friday night, the 30th of this month. I hope that he kicks off his presentation with a good joke. It doesn't take much to entertain me...I'm the Puffman.