That's one of the things that the Gabby Cabby, Peter Franklin-the New York City cab driver from the streets of New York will be gabbing about this afternoon (Thursday) when he joins me on the Puffman Show at 4:30. Pete says the shark's biggest threa these days is driven by the global demand for shark fin soup, an Asian delicacy sold even here in the U.S. Pete's always a regular riot when he joins me in the afternoons & often times I feel like Mark Daniels when he pleads, "Puff, shut up, let me talk". I get the feeling that New York City is so densely populated that when one lives there, you have to be aggressive & forceful & fight to get a word in. I suspect it's like being in a family with 7 or 8 got to fight to be heard! Why else would the driver of the yellow mobile conveyance lounge try to hog the conversation all the time! I can only imagine being in the backseat of his cab..."Sit down, shut up, fasten your seat belt & let me talk, I'm driving this danged contraption"! Between you & me, Pete wants to come back to Shelby & do the Puffman Show for a week when I'm away this summer. I would probably go for it, but I fear instead of "Good Times-Great Oldies", it would be "Good Time-I don't have any time to play Good As Gold", I have some important stuff I want to say". In the meantime Pete, don't park your conveyance lounge in any "designated spots (curbs with yellow lines) or you'll be hit with a $250 fine! (details at 4:30 on the broadcast) See you this afternoon with the Gabby Cabby on the Puffman Show. Fasten your seat belts! Oh yeah, Pete's website is Check it out, follow it along & see how much "stuff" I "edit" OUT of the broadcast!!