The Shelby AMTRAK Station that is...that AMTRAK Exhibit train celebrating Veterans that was in Havre over the weekend will be part of the Empire Builder rolling into Shelby this afternoon (Monday). Powered by a specially painted locomotive celebrating veterans & showcasing the past, present & future of America's Railroad, the AMTRAK Exhibit Train will be part of the "Builder" this afternoon as Train #7 blazes into Shelby on it's westward run  all the way out to Seattle. Now, the train won't be on a 3 day display like it was it Havre...but it will make it's normal scheduled stop here. Tt's still more than worth going down to our Shelby AMTRAK Station this afternoon & taking a look-see at this great train! Usual time of arrival is 5:17 with a 5:22 departure. I'm hoping it gets in a little bit early as it often does & then we'll have a few extra minutes to see this spectacular train while it's in the yard as it WON'T depart any before 5:22. The special locomotive with the Exhibit Train commemorates the 59th anniversary of the Vietnam War & honors those who have served. AMTRAK painted the locomotive red, white & blue with a specially designed "America's Railroad Salutes Our Veterans" logo & 50 starts. It is making its 1st appearance with the Exhibit Train & is a symbol of an AMTRAK commitment of 25% of new hires to be veterans by 2015. Locomotive 42, chosen in celebration of the 42nd year of AMTRAK service, was painted as part of a regularly scheduled upgrade. Hope to see you at the Shelby AMTRAK Station later this afternoon. As Shelby Mayor Larry J. Bonderud & AMTRAK's Marc Magliari often say, "ALL ABOARD>>>>>>>for AMTRAK!