Republican House Member, Lila Evans was recently hospitalized in Great Falls battling cancer. Lila is my sister-in-law, so I have been waiting to bring this up until the story had officially "broken". She was home in Browning over the Easter recess. It has and I would join Senator Augare in asking for prayers for Lila, her husband Boyd Evans, Daughters Crystal and Jamie Evans and son James Evans all of Browning. It's a difficult time for all of them. Last time I spoke to Boyd, he said Lila was doing well, but prayers can't hurt. A recent article in the Glacier Reporter said of Augare's request:

Following an historically contentious session, the local Democrat and Tribal Councilman rose and asked for a moment’s silent prayer for Montana Rep. Lila Evans whom Augare reported was in the hospital, fighting the cancer she’d been diagnosed with in February.

Noting they come from different parties, Augare nevertheless said Evans was someone he’d grown up with and respected, and he asked the Senate to join him in wishing her well.

“I stopped by and visited Lila in the hospital,” Augare said while he was in Browning Friday, April 22, ”and she was doing great with her treatment.” Augare said she expects to be released in a couple weeks.