My Montana History reading Tuesday evenings at the Marias Heritage Center is going well and last evening (Tuesday), we reached about the half way point in the book we're currently reading on the Mann Gulch Fire (near Helena) back in 1949. The book is really starting to "heat up" and I think we have all learned a thing or two. not only about the fire but also smoking jumping and how the original smoke jumpers got their start in Montana during World War Two. For instance, did you know that there were some 300,000 CO's in the country during the war and some of them applied to be smoke jumpers in Missoula as it was an "accepted" way of serving our country in the time of war. I'll be in Minnesota next week but my friend and Marias Heritage Center resident Marie Ostrem will fill in for me. I have asked Marie to fill in before when I've been out of town and she is so willing to help out. Marie, of course, is a member of my reading group, and I thank her for always giving me a hand. I'll look forward to seeing all of you a week from this Tuesday night at the Heritage. And Marie, thank you so much. I know that the residents will enjoy hearing from you this week.