just finished reading Ex-MSU coach Joe Obrien's sobering life story, "Busted Bronco: From Addition to Redemption" and it truly was a page turner. I think I read it in two days and it actually is "one of those books you don't WANT to put down. Joe is going to join me on the Puffman Show this Friday afternoon at 4:35 and I'm more than anxious to have him on my program. Joe's the guy, who while coaching at MSU back in 2001, was arrested down in Townsend, charged with operating a ring bringing meth into Bozeman, and spending over two years in the federal slammer. The year 2005 would have been his 8th year as a coach and 3rd at MSU but instead, he was federal prison inmate # 07167-046. O'brien even mentions being a visitor up here at CCA in Shelby in his book. My personal advice: don't judge this man for what he's done but rather for who he is NOW and what he's attempting to do these days. I encourage anyone with an interest in sports or life in general, to read this book. See you Friday with Coach O'Brien!