I wanted to cook up some popcorn on Saturday & sit back & enjoy the Penn State game (they beat Illinois 53-7 & have now won the past 3 Saturdays!). I've never really been all that good at making popcorn. I either overcook the stuff or it ends up  burned and/or many of the kernels never seem to pop. Luckily for me, I came across a GREAT book on making perfect popcorn. In fact, that's the title of the danged book, "Making Perfect Popcorn-A Fun, Healthy Way to Spend Time with Family and Friends". John Beigel is the author. Perhaps he should have done a book on bagels! John is a physicist, former CEO, & author. He has become a popcorn aficionado & in this read, he disclosed his popped-to-perfection secrets so that-from start to finish-you can purchase, prepare, eat, & enjoy a full popcorn-driven experience. "Making Perfect Popcorn" lists the necessary ingredients for a perfect popcorn experience, the best equipment for popping popcorn kernels to perfection, specific steps & stages in the process, scientific explanation of why popcorn pops, the best brands of kernels to buy & why, as we like to say, "so much more". If you're a popcorn fan like myself...I'm the Puffman...you want to check out this book. Both the print version & eBook are available at the website: www.makingperfectpopcorn.com. Throughout "Making Perfect Popcorn", John weaves his personal journey with his popcorn passion,sharing his curiosity, his scientific bent, & his fun stories of family & friends. With this coming week's weather forecast, this might be the perfect time to be making the perfect popcorn!