I was talking with David Kennedy from Car Town this morning (Saturday) & he brought up a good point..."be very careful over our Labor Day Weekend". I heartily agree. I told David that I hate to come in here after a weekend, pickup the local & state news & start reading of accidents, fatalities, drownings, & things that have just gone flat out wrong. I look at the ages...young, so very young so often...& shake my head. Some afternoons on the 2 o'clock local news, ALL of my news stories involve tragedies of one kind or another. By the time I'm done reading the news, I'm depressed for the rest of the afternoon! It comes back to me time & time again, someone's life, someone's family dynamic, has changed FOREVER in a micro second & often over something that could have been prevented. I don't need to go into all the things that can be responsible for a life altering tragedy...speed, no seat belts, alcohol, texting/talking on a cell, reaching down to change a CD or the radio, etc. They say when you take your eyes off the road & divert your attention for a second or two that a vehicle can travel the length of a football field. Scary stuff...let's all pay attention & be back here next week to report a fun, yet "uneventful: holiday weekend. That's the way it should be. Be safe.